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Reírse is too mainstream!

Brooklyn Girls

Si Brooklyn Girls era el himno de las chicas hipsters, el Brooklyn Boys es el himno antihipsters! un gran trabajo. Aquí os dejamos la letra, aunque sabemos que preferís llamarla lyrics:

Brooklyn 11211

is a place where nobody comes from

when i move there, i’ll be an artist as well…

Tossin’ shoes on a wire

job search has got me tired

call my dad before the rent is due.

Got my filters on Instagram

so my friends all know that I’m the man,

Cause i came from Ohio

but tonight, I own the borough!

Brooklyn Boys

how do they get all those brooklyn girls

Brooklyn boys

when they walk in their ‘staches curl

Tinder swipes on my iPhone

my 10 roommates are not home

I’m gonna show her downward dog,

New place you’ve never heard of

4 hour wait at Robertas?

Can’t wait to have my kale pancakes!

But i don’t know what I’m doin’

when my mom asks what I’m doin’

but my microbrews are brewing

and I’m wasted before noon-in

Brooklyn Boys

when we walk in we rule the world

Brooklyn Boys

So tough and pretty like those Brooklyn Girls

Waiting for the G train…

Still waitin’ for the G train…

Gracias a Die Hipster que nos tiene informados de todas las novedades que se acontecen en Brooklyn. Ahora se ve que hay un nuevo himno, que lo canta Catey Shaw y que se llama «Brooklyn Girls».

Aquí tenéis la letra por si os la queréis aprender y cantarla las Navidades próximas a vuestros familiares y amigos:

Brooklyn girls
When they walk in, they rule the world
Brooklyn girls
Tough and pretty, break the rules
Brooklyn girls (x 4)

Jay-Z bumps in our headphones
Drinks on top of the brownstones
Get it on in the bathroom stall
Sunset girls acting prissy
Won’t get far in the city
We will freeze up your popsicle
‘Cuz we play rough and gritty
They all wanna catch our kitty
And there’s no use denyin’
That tonight we run the island


Wait for the L train
Bedford to Broadway…