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Quality sales professionals play a vital role in promoting and communicating the many business benefits of IBM products to businesses and organizations around the globe. To enhance these opportunities, IBM is offering the Certified Solution Expert-Infrastructure Sales Leader V1 certification. If you have an extensive history of effective sales team leadership, then IBM wants you to apply your skills and experience to developing and maintaining large-scale, complex, long-term customer opportunities.

Upon completing this certification program, you will have expert-level skills as a sales team leader who will effectively implement strategies that foster long-term customer satisfaction. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the principles and applications of servers, storage, networking, and middle ware. There will also be an emphasis on having a knowledge of newly installed IBM products and products from other manufacturers that will be encountered in various environments.

This certification requires passing the 000-163-Infrastructure Sales Leader V1 exam. Drawing upon at least three years of hands-on work experience will be a valuable part of the preparation process. In addition to work experience, using the exam study guides from ExamTrace.com will greatly increase you exam readiness by teaching and reinforcing the exact concepts that will be covered on the 000-163 exam. Effective sales leaders are in high demand and are crucial to the success of any industry. Take your sales career to the next level by pursuing the IBM Certified Solution Expert-Infrastructure Sales Leader V1 Certification.

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